Exhibit Audio
That Creates Memories

Don't settle for second-rate exhibit audio. Invest in a proven system that will bring your events to life.


Stop & Listen has been the leading provider of high fidelity handset products for many years. With our exclusive Gorilla Audio Handset, museums and other public exhibits, kiosks, or dioramas can bring stories to life without the risk of warping or quality degradation over time.




Why Solid-State Digital?
No moving parts or tapes to wear out. This means messages play back crystal clear every time. Even after millions of plays, with no loss in fidelity. No disks, no hard-drives: messages are stored on built-in memory chips.
What is “On-site Recordable”?
Messages can easily be changed or edited in moments. No special training or equipment required. Audio can be moved around from exhibit to exhibit: you’re no longer ‘stuck’ in an audio ‘rut’. Press RECORD on the Digital Message Recorder, play the new message from the original tape or CD. Your message is now ‘locked-in’ unless you choose to change it.
How Does it Work?
Audio information is encoded into digital format right inside the message recorder. It is then stored on state-of-the-art digital memory chips. On playback, the digital information is retrieved and re-converted back to it’s analog form. Then sent to the speaker output.
Why Stop and Listen?
Products made by Stop and Listen can handle even the toughest of environmental conditions. From solar-powered systems in the snow swept mountains of the Yukon to the salt and sand of the Gulf of Mexico. A quick glance at our client list shows where quality and service have taken us so far.