Digital Audio Recorder Model DAR-100

Stop and Listen Digital Audio Recorder Model DAR-100

Stop and Listen Digital Audio Recorder Model DAR-100

The Digital Audio Recorder Model DAR-100 from Stop and Listen digitally records, stores, and plays back one message of up to 11 minutes duration. The message can be changed in moments with no special training or equipment required – just hook up a source, press record, and your message is loaded into maintenance-free digital memory. You can record from CD’s, tape decks, from your PC, or straight from a microphone.

  • Single Message Capability
  • High Fidelity
  • 11 Minute Message
  • On-site Recordable
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Activated by push-button, motion sensor, or set for continuous playback.
  • All it needs is a speaker and a button!

Playback can be started with any contact closure, whether it’s a visitor push-button, motion sensor, or almost any other triggering device. Messages can also be set for continuous play mode, making the DAR-100 an ideal choice for background music and ambient soundscapes. It’s compact size fits anywhere, it’s solar compatible and suitable for both indoors and out.

The DAR-100 is packed with all the right features to make your exhibit a success, including our 5 year ‘Gold Seal’ warranty. Every unit comes fully loaded with memory, built-in amplifiers, a 12 volt power supply and a full set of audio patch cords. Just add a speaker and a button and it’s ready to roll!


  • Exhibits / Kiosks / Dioramas
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Interpretive Tours / Announcements
  • Multiple Languages
  • Background Ambience / Soundscapes


At Stop and Listen Inc we design and manufacture leading-edge digital and analog audio products for the interpretive and exhibits industries. We pride ourselves in our unparalleled product quality and customer support. Through the years we’ve focused our research and design efforts towards products that give the exhibit designer greater control over the audio messages that they provide to the public.

If you’re not using audio in your exhibits and displays, perhaps you should think again.  Experts agree that audio plays a critical role in learning about the world around us.


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