Digital Audio Recorder Model DAR-800

Stop and Listen Digital Audio Sound Effects Recorder Model DAR-800

Stop and Listen Model DAR-800 Digital Sound Effects Recorder

The Digital Audio Recorder Model DAR-800 from Stop and Listen is an excellent sound effects recorder and records up to 8 different audio files of up to 44 minutes combined duration. It can be changed in moments with no special training or equipment required – just hook up a source, press record, and messages are loaded into maintenance-free digital memory. You can record from CD’s, tape decks, from your PC, or straight from a microphone.

  • 1-8 Individual Audio Files Capability
  • High Fidelity
  • 44 Minute Message (combined)
  • On-Site Recordable
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Activated by push-button, motion sensor,or set for continuous playback.
  • All it needs is a speaker and a button!

Playback can be started with any contact closure, whether it’s a visitor push-button, motion sensor, or almost any other triggering device. 3 different playback modes provide maximum flexibility: Play Selected plays any message once, Play Next plays the next message in sequence, or play everything once by selecting Play All.

The DAR-800 has all the right features to make your exhibit a success, including a full 5 year warranty. It’s compact size fits anywhere, it’s solar compatible and suitable for both indoors and out. Every unit comes fully loaded with memory, built-in amplifiers, a 12 volt power supply and a full set of audio patch cords. Just add a speaker and buttons and it’s ready to roll!


  • Multiple Languages
  • Bird Songs / Bug Sounds
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  • Sound Effects


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