Motion Sensor (Infra-Red & Through-Beam Optical Sensor)

Infra-Red Motion Sensor & Thru-Beam Optical Sensor

Motion Sensor (Infra-Red & Through-Beam Optical Sensor)

The Infra-Red Motion Sensor can be used to provide an invisible start input to any one of Stop and Listen’s Digital Recorders. Very useful for those areas where messages are to be played automatically. These units are field proven and come complete with form ‘C’ relay contacts, a power supply and electrical connectors. The ‘viewing’ area can be easily adjusted by simply masking off the front window to suit virtually any pattern.

  • Provides start input for any recorder.
  • Includes power supplies and electrical connectors.
  • Thru-Beam Optical Sensor works best across doorways or hallways.
  • Infra-Red Motion Sensor works like security system units.


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