Rectangular Pushbutton (Black)

Rectangular Pushbutton by Stop and Listen (Black)

Rectangular Pushbutton (Black)

The Rectangular Pushbutton has a black matte finish surround, white background under a clear polycarbonate lens cap. It can be disassembled to install graphics or text under cap. Measures 1.33” by 2.01” (face), 2-7/8” overall length. Requires 1” mounting hole, fits materials up to 3/4” thick. Includes crimp connectors and a 12 volt T1-3/4 incandescent lamp bulb for illumination where required. Also available in round and square configurations or with tinted lens caps by special order.

  • Black with clear or tinted lens cap
  • Lens cap can display graphics or text
  • Requires 1″ mounting hole
  • Fits materials up to 3/4″ thick
  • Includes crimp connectors and 12 volt incandescent lamp bulb for illumination
  • Round and square buttons also available


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